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Benefits and limitation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Advantages and impediment - Essay Example It is worth to take note of that wellbeing data framework selection comprises advantages and impediments towards arranging and usage of hand cleanliness consistence re-training program (Peter, 2010). A portion of the advantages incorporate wellbeing data system’s capacity to empowers access to extensive, intelligible, and composed patient information and reference writing at the purpose of social insurance administration. This lifts consistence of the attendant most definitely. Wellbeing data framework comprises organized PCs that are situated in every test room and physician’s office; a supplier can likewise get to information over the Internet which is powerful in advancing re-instruction program. The fundamental constraint concerns set-up and preparing. An opportunity to set up and figure out how to utilize a framework is frequently a test. Notwithstanding, clients share normal records, information passage formats and text macros to diminish fire up an ideal opportunity for clients. This implies a lot of time ought to be assigned toward the start of the re-instruction program with the goal that the medical attendants can ace how to utilize the wellbeing data framework. The arranging must likewise establish broad cost of the preparation shifts and customizable time span that consider smooth change from the paper diagrams to wellbeing data framework (Carroll, 2009). The general objective of receiving wellbeing data framework is to enhance the consistence close by cleanliness which is the fundamental driver of emergency clinic procured contaminations. Time is the focal asset that will be mulled over while actualizing the selection of wellbeing data framework (Peter, 2010). In the intense setting, the patient requires prompt consideration and this squeezes the medical caretaker. In such manner, it is fitting to allot a lot of time in preparing the medicinal services suppliers on the most proficient method to apply wellbeing data framework close by cleanliness consistence so that once they doled out a patient in wandering condition, it is anything but difficult to work. Accessibility of

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Entity relationship diagram model of george’s garage

Substance relationship outline model of george㠢â‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s carport Presentation Connection between at least one then one element of tables by pripary key and outside key is called as Entity Relationship graph model. This documentation will be on Entity Relationship chart model of Georges Garage. Database Information Tables of the Garage Database Carport Database gives data of the table Name with Primary key and Foreign Key. 1)Ncar_sale Pk: Ncar_id 2).ShCar_Sale Pk:- ShCar_id 3).VehicleSale Pk: Sale_id Fk:- Ncar_id , ShCar_id, Dept_id 4) Car_auction Pk : au_id Fk:- SHCar_id 5) Car_Workshop Pk: Workshop_id Fk : dept_id, Car_servise_id 6) Car_servise Pk : Car_servise_id FK :- Payment_id , Parts_id 7) Servise_payment Pk : Payment_id Fk : Staff_id 8) Car_Parts Pk : Parts_id 9) Customer Pk : cust_id 10) Parts_Sale_Stock Pk : Parts_sale_id Fk : parts_id, cust_id 11) Parts_order Pk : Order_id FK : parts_id 12) Suplier Pk :- Suplier_id Fk :- Order_id 13) Department Pk :- Dept_id 14) staff Pk : Staff_id FK : dept_id 15) Vehicle_Booking Pk :- Booki_id Fk :- Cust_id 16) Vehicle_Hire Pk : Hire_id Fk : Booki_id, Dept_id 17) Valeting_Servise Pk : Valeting_servise_id FK : booki_id, 18) Car_Hire Pk : Car_Hire_id 19) Vehicle Pk :- Vehicle_id Fk : booki_id, Car_Hire_id 20) Sp_Car_Hire Pk :- Sp_Car_id Fk :- Vehicle_id 21) Rolls_Roys Pk : Rr_Car_id Fk : Sp_Car_id 22) Limousines Pk : Li_Car_id Fk : Sp_Car_id 23) Minibus Pk : Mb_Car_id Fk : Sp_Car_id Element Relationship Diagram Concepts Keys * Primary Key :- Primary Key is a key that extraordinarily recognize estimation of the table Model:- In installment table, Payment_id is an essential key. Make table Servise_payment ( payment_id varchar(5) NOT NULL CONSTRAINT carser_pk PRIMARY KEY, ) * Foreign Key :- Foreign Key is a key that is demonstrates the essential Key of the another table Make table Car_servise ( Payment_id varchar(5) NOT NULL CONSTRAINT spayme_fk FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Servise_payment(payment_id) ) * Example :- In Car_Service table, Payment_id is a remote Key which point out another Payment_id of the Payment table Element Assortment of Attributes is known as Entity. In sql, parson table is an element and Person_id, Person_name, person_Address and Person_BOD is a traits of individual. Accept Genaral This database on the George carport along these lines it contains all data of the garage.there are twenty three tables which are associated with one another.. a. A portion of the worker have same measure of compensation since they may work in same office and same position. b. A few Cars Hire date are comparable in light of the fact that distinctive vehicle may employ in same date. c. A few tables have Integer information type or buoy information type because of Price of part and seat of vehicle separately. Spacial 1)Ncar_sale This Ncar tables contains detail of deals of the new vehicles 2).ShCar_Sale This table store data about recycled vehicle. 3).VehicleSale This table tracks the New vehicle and Second hand vehicle deal. This table goes about as deal office 4) Car_auction Vehicle sell off table keeps record of vehicle closeout data. Recycled vehicle utilized in vehicle sell off 5) Car_Workshop This is Workshop office table. This table store information of vehicle benefits in the workshop. 6) Car_servise This table gives data about help of the one vehicle. Its additionally gives data about parts which are utilized in administration, Payment and kind of administration. 7) Service_payment This installment table store installment data of each Service. 8) Car_Parts Vehicle parts table contain subtleties of every piece of the vehicle. Some vehicle parts additionally request from the provider. 9) Customer This table store clients data. 10) Parts_Sale_Stock This table is use for store data of parts deal 11) Parts_order Parts request table contains parts request information. 12) Suplier This table used to store data about Supplier 13) Department Division table contain all office data 14) staff this table gives data of the all staff of the departsment 15) Vehicle_Hire This table is a Hire division table which store booking data. 16) Vehicle_Booking This table used to book recruit vehicle data just as valeting Service data. 17) Valeting_Servise This table tracks the valeting administration. 18) Car_Hire Vehicle enlist tables contains data about just vehicles and Vans 19) Vehicle This Vehicle table store detail of the recruit vehicles, for example, Car and uncommon vehicle. 20) Sp_Car_Hire Vehicle recruit tables contains data about just exceptional vehicle, for example, Minibus, Rolls Roys and Limousines. 21) Rolls_Roys Moves Roys table contain data about rolls roys uncommon vehicle.Rolls Roys is utilized for occation 22) Limousines Limousines table contain data about rolls roys exceptional vehicle. Limousines utilized for wedding and night outs 23) Minibus Minibus table contain data about Minibus unique vehicle. This table tracks Airport pickup 5 Syntaxes. Make Syntax Make Syntax is utilized in sql which is for make table. Make Syntax is utilized in the information Definition language(DDL). For Example :- This punctuation for make Vehicle_sale table. Make table Vehicle_Sale ( Sale_id int(3), New_car_sale_id varchar(5), Secondhandcar_sale_id varchar(5), Staff_id varchar(5) ) Addition Syntax Addition Syntax is utilized in sql which is for Insert an incentive in the table. Addition Syntax is utilized in the information Manipulation language(DML). For Example : This linguistic structure for embed an incentive in the Vehicle_sale Addition into Vehicle_Sale values(S01,Car01,sh01,em01); List Systax List utilized for make search process effectively and quick For instance : In representative table, each utilize has their own telephone number and it is extraordinary

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Bill of rights Essay Example For Students

Bill of rights Essay What number of rights do you have? You should check, since it probably won't be the same number of today as it was a couple of years back, or even a couple of months prior. A few individuals I converse with are not worried that police will execute a hunt warrant without thumping or that they set up detours and stop and cross examine honest residents. They don't view these as extraordinary encroachments on their privileges. Be that as it may, when you set up recent developments, there is data that might be astonishing to individuals who have not yet been concerned: The measure of the Bill of rights Essay that is enduring an onslaught is Lets investigate the Bill of Rights and see which angles are being pushed on or compromised. The point here isn't the level of each assault or its rightness or misleading quality, yet the sheer number of rights that Congress will make no law regarding a foundation of religion, or denying the free exercise thereof; or abbreviating the ability to speak freely, or on the other hand of the press; or the privilege of the individuals quietly to gather, and to appeal the Government for a review of complaints. Setting up RELIGION: While crusading for his first term, George Shrubbery said I dont realize that agnostics ought to be considered as residents, nor should they be viewed as loyalists. Shrub has not withdrawn, remarked on, or then again explained this announcement, despite solicitations to do as such. As per Shrub, this is one country under God. What's more, obviously in the event that you are not inside Bushs strict convictions, you are not a resident. Government, state, and nearby governments likewise advance a specific religion (or, at times, religions) by spending open cash on strict presentations. FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION: Robert Newmeyer and Glenn Braunstein were imprisoned in 1988 for declining to remain in regard for an adjudicator. Braunstein says the custom of ascending in court began decades back when judges entered conveying Bibles. Since makes a decision about no longer convey Bibles, Braunstein says there is no motivation to stand and his Bible instructs him to respect no other God. For this strict practice, Newmeyer and Braunstein were imprisoned and are presently FREE SPEECH: We find that innovation has given the legislature a reason to meddle with free discourse. Guaranteeing that radio frequencies are a constrained asset, the administration mentions to telecasters what to state, (for example, news and open and neighborhood administration programming) and what not to state (profanity, as characterized by the Federal Communications Commission FCC). The FCC is examining Boston PBS station WGBH-TV for broadcasting photos from FREE SPEECH: There are likewise laws to confine political proclamations and commitments to political exercises. In 1985, the Michigan Chamber of Business needed to take out a notice supporting an up-and-comer in the state place of delegates. In any case, a 1976 Michigan law denies a organization from utilizing its general treasury assets to make free uses in a political crusade. In March, the Supreme Court maintained that law. As indicated by contradicting Justice Kennedy, it is presently a lawful offense in Michigan for the Sierra Club, the American Civil Liberties Union, or the Office of Commerce to prompt the open how an up-and-comer decided on issues of FREE PRESS: As in discourse, innovation has given another reason to government interruption in the press. On the off chance that you appropriate a magazine electronically and don't print duplicates, the administration doesnt think about you a press and doesn't give you similar insurances courts have stretched out to printed news. The hardware used to distribute Phrack, an overall electronic magazine about telephones and hacking, was reallocated in the wake of distributing a report replicated from a Bell South PC entitled A Bell South Standard Practice (BSP) 660-225-104SV Control Office Administration of Enhanced 911 Administrations for Special Services and Major Account Centers, March, 1988. All of the data in this report was openly accessible from Bell South in different reports. Sustenance Essay Also, new improvements happen with the progression of time, which may cause an adjustment in perspectives and sentiments achieving new worries on an issue. (3) One Supreme Court inversion with sweeping results included the Courts translation of whether the Bill of Rights shielded residents from state, just as national infringement. In .

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How to Write a Nursing Essay

How to Write a Nursing Essay? The main purpose of a nursing essay (or, more exactly, nursing school admission essay) is to make the committee that will read and study it believe that you are going to make an excellent nurse; and not only excellent, but better that the majority of those who submitted similar essays at the same time with you. Although there are not so many nurses working in the health care system, and there is constant need of more, the nursing schools are still very selective about whom to accept and whom to refuse. It is hardly surprising, for there is hardly any other sphere where an incompetent may cause harm. However, it is none of your concern. Your concern is to get through, and ours is to help you do it. First and foremost, concentrate on personal experience. There are many applicants and they all present similar essays. The best thing to stand out of the crowd is to say something nobody else will be able to say. But, for God’s sake, don’t write about a heroic nurse you once have seen and who have let you understand that it is you goal in life to be like her. There is no better way to write something extremely trite and clichà ©d than to think along these lines. If there is something wrong with your academic record, don’t try to conceal it or avoid talking about it. State the reason why it happened that way, make them sure that it was due to a certain unique event and not because of your general sloppiness in studies. Don’t make open pleas and don’t try to provoke pity – it is most likely to make an unfavorable impression. Remember that you are going to work in a capacity that doesn’t presuppose revolutionary changes in your sphere of work. Don’t say what you are going to make different, what are your views on the health care system and so on; just make them believe you will be really good in this vocational choice.

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Does Life Have a Meaning Essay - 3084 Words

Does Life Have a Meaning? Life, it might be argued, is the distinguishing feature of all organisms and may most usefully be thought of as involving various kinds of complex systems of organization providing individual organisms with the ability to make use of those energy sources available to them for both self maintenance and reproduction. Underlying this deceptively persuasive definition, however, lie those persistent traditional problems inherent in the search for an essential, distinctive substance characteristic of all forms of life. Additionally, as evolution theory makes clear, there is the problem of borderline instances, organisms of which it is not easy to say whether or not they may be defined as being alive. One such case†¦show more content†¦Vitalist notions that there is some feature of living organisms that prevents their natures being entirely explained in physical or chemical terms only have, as a consequence, been increasingly eclipsed. In vitalist doctrine, this mysterious additional feature may be argued to be the presence of a further entity, such as a soul, although it may also be explained as having to do with the existence in specific organisms of sets of conditions derived from their complexity and necessitating some form of life force or animal electricity injected in some way into inanimate bodies in order for them to become alive. In his expression of vitalism, Aristotle puts forward, in both De Anima and De Generatione, the view that the life of an animal consists in its psyche , thus offering a principle of explanation which determines the morphological development of an organism in terms of teleological causation. Although vitalism is currently perceived as having been largely overwhelmed by modern scientific thinking, there remain problems of some magnitude to which scientific solutions or explanations have yet to be found. These may be felt to support the criticism often levelled at science, that it is descriptive rather than analytical, that itShow MoreRelatedMeaning Of Life : Susan Wolf s Article, Happiness And Meaning : Two Aspects Of The Good Life Essay987 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is the meaning of life? What gives life meaning? Philosophers have asked these questions for decades, and there still is not a solid answer to the question. This paper will analyze one modern philosopher’s take on the question: What gives life meaning? Susan Wolf is a modern moral philosopher and philosopher of action and mind. She attended two Ivy League institutions for her undergraduate and graduate careers. Wolf received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy and Math from Yale University, andRe ad MoreWhat Is The Meaning of Life? Essay688 Words   |  3 Pagespeople’s lives. How does God, as an important human construct make a difference when determining the meaning of life? The western religions believe their scriptures are the direct word of God. Hence they use them as the authoritative source for many facets of life. Eastern religions tend to treat their scriptures as interpretations by humans, yet still many of life’s mysteries are accepted at truth in their scriptures. So should these scriptures be a foundation for the meaning of life? Also, what if weRead MoreEssay on Existential Philosphy1710 Words   |  7 PagesNihilism originated somewhere around the mid-1800s, it was a shift from the social philosophy around that time which viewed life with purpose and meaning which was found usually though God, or some religious doctrine, however Nihilism is the philosophy that dictates the meaninglessness in life; it leaves an empty and void existence. Nihilis m is usually associated with German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is often although not a Nihilist himself Nietzsche wrote a considerable amount concerning NihilismRead MoreExistentialism : Wild ( 2014 ) And Into The Wild1739 Words   |  7 Pagestherefore leading to meaning, purpose and identity. When Chris and Cheryl leave their family, friends and everything else they know from the society, they are attempting to find a meaning and purpose to their lives. Watching these two movies, I discovered that, both main characters need the Nature as a catalyst to regain their freedom, to find their true identity and to understand the meaning of their lives. To figure out the reason behind their existences, both decide to go a on a life changing adventureRead MoreSome Moral Minima by Lenn Goodman: An Analysis1096 Words   |  4 PagesIn his essay Some Moral Minima, Lenn Goodman (2010) attempts to challenge moral relativism by arguing that certain acts contain natural meanings, and subsequently that certain acts are inherently right or wrong, due to their natural moral meaning (p. 92). Goodman discusses a number of acts that he views as inherently wrong, including genocide, germ warfare, and rape, and purports to offer reasoned explanations for why these acts are wrong. However, upon examining Goodmans claims in detail, itRead MoreA Clean, Well-Lighted Place Essay1138 Words   |  5 PagesLife sucks, does it not? Life is nothing and everything in life is meaningless. Perhaps there are a few things that can distract the mind and guard from the inadequacies of life, but in the end all fades away. Nothing lasts forever. While all the somethings are dying and fading, nothing is still there. Sure, one can search for meaning and think happy thoughts, but throughout the struggle everyone is alone and slowly spiraling down the path to despair. In â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place,† HemingwayRead MoreBeloved, Civilization And Its Discontents, And Man s Search For Meaning1613 Words   |  7 Pages What does one live for? Why does one believe they exist? Many do not know the answer to these question. Meaning of life is what one lives for, what one lives by, why they exist.The meaning of life may be obvious to some, but a great number of people do not know why they live. Some believe they are here for a reason and some believe it is a mistake. Throughout life, some many suffer with life, which allows them to open their mind up to the meaning of life. Suffering is when one goes through painRead MoreIn The Book What’S It All About? Julian Baggini Discusses1678 Words   |  7 Pages In the book What’s It All About? Julian Baggini discusses philosophy and the meaning of life. This reading was able to bring different perspectives on ideas of the meaning of life that I thought about before. I was also able to learn about these concerns about life s meaning or meaninglessness in a philosophical standpoint. Some of the chapters that I found interesting included the chapters titled looking for the blueprint, here to help, and becoming a contender. In the chapter looking forRead MoreBusi 5601416 Words   |  6 Pagesabout life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making? Again my personal view about my beliefs in life should be fully involve to where it is the foundation of business ethics, and decision making. Those things need to reflect in what I claim to believe in. 2. Does it seem odd to connect every belief we have about life back to what we believe about God? To me it does not seem odd to connect what I believe in with life, because knowing who the author of life allowsRead MoreThinking Of One’S Own Life As Having No Meaning Is A Difficult1244 Words   |  5 PagesThinking of one’s own life as having no meaning is a difficult prospect for many, however; in his book The Achievement Habit, author Bernard Roth considers it to be paramount to success. Bernard Roth is a highly regarded and decorated professor at the prestigious, Ivy League Stanford University. This declaration goes against the common beliefs of what many like-minded self-help books instruct their readers to do. In the initial line of the beginning paragraph in the first chapter of his book, Roth

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Personality Charismatic Leadership Context â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Personality Charismatic Leadership Context? Answer: Introducation Josh Martin is a 41 year old deputy agency administrator at the Centre Street Settlement House, whereas Tom Saunders is the executive director of the agency. Both have very different style of leadership. Joshs behavior and activities at the agencies are reflective of participative leadership style whereas Toms behavior is similar to autocratic leadership style. Participative leadership style is the managerial activity that embraces employees inputs in decision making. Participative leaders believes in openly sharing organizational issues with employees and they like to involved their subordinates while solving any issues (Ghaffari et al. 2017). Josh also did this which is seen from the conversation of Phil Jones who states that Josh tries to listen to them and try to implement some of their ideas too. This action has raised the morale of employees. Hence, Josh as leader is very effective in motivating his employees in job and he has tried to increase their morale by proposing salary hike for two employees with excellent performance appraisal. He justified the action of pay hike for the employee very well on ground of employees excellent contribution to the success of the organization. In contrast, Toms action has an autocratic style of leadership as he likes to have control over all decisions and rarely accepts input or advice from others (Rast et al. 2013). Due to this attitude, he rejected Joshs proposal and behaved irrationally when Josh could not attend the meeting because of flu. Such leaders dictate others and do not trust other members of the organization which is seen in Toms case too. Autocratic leadership style tells about the leadership trait of power, authority and dominance, where as the participative leadership style tells about the trait of team orientation and empathy. Many organization problems arise due to the presence of conflicting leadership style where two leaders with different style cannot get along well. There is always a disagreement in such situations. Such issues in organization can be solved if at least on manager has the capability and maturity to handle conflict. In such case, leaders can work together to understand the root cause of conflict and readily accepting impact of personal communication styles or behaviour on conflict. After identifying this, both parties can make honest attempt to make specific changes in their individual action such as behaviours, attitude and communication styles to resolve the conflict (Moore 2014). Honesty, integrity, vision, courage, communication skills and team building are the important elements or characteristics of an effective leader. Such leaders keep best interest of the company at the forefront and regard all employees as accountable for the success of the organization (Wheelan 2014). Good leaders maintain a level of transparency in the organization and always welcome feedback and opinion of others. They are strategic thinkers and establish and communicate clear goals to all members of the organization. Through their positive attitude and communication skills, they build an outstanding team and put all efforts to retain top talent (Oreg and Berson 2015). Tom Saunders is not an effective leader because he lacked insight and vision for the success of the organization. He had no trust on any team members and had no intention to retain best talent. This is also seen when Josh recommended salary hike for two employees and he rejected it without analysing the contribution of specific employees to his agency. In addition, he did not had strategic thinking ability too as without Martin, he was always found to behave irrationally and took no attention to agencys detail. In contrast, Martin is an effective leader because he has a vision and he is transparent in his actions too. He always took ideas from his employees and gave them chance to increase their morale by recognizing their contribution to the organization. In addition, he is committed to the organization by remaining on call twenty four hours a day and attending all agency strategy meeting. Josh Martin is finding hard to cope with autocratic style and erratic mood swings of Tom. Tom has been very irresponsible towards the agency. Josh is thinking of leaving the job, however he is at a fix because it will be hard for him to retain the same salary and benefits package at other agencies. If I were Martin, I would handle the situation by having a talk with Tom Saunders first regarding the impact of his irresponsible behaviour on the fate of the agency. Even if things could not have worked out, I would have left the job and used my experience in the field to find another job. I would have also checked other multiple managerial activities too that I could do on a part time basis. Reference Ghaffari, S., Shah, I.M., Burgoyne, J., Nazri, M. and Aziz, J.S.S., 2017. The Influence of Respect for Employees on the Relationship between Participative Leadership and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study at Universiti Teknologi Malays.Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences,11(4), pp.17-28. Moore, C.W., 2014.The mediation process: Practical strategies for resolving conflict. John Wiley Sons. Oreg, S. and Berson, Y., 2015. Personality and charismatic leadership in context: The moderating role of situational stress.Personnel Psychology,68(1), pp.49-77. Wheelan, S.A., 2014.Creating effective teams: A guide for members and leaders. Sage Publications. Rast III, D.E., Hogg, M.A. and Giessner, S.R., 2013. Self-uncertainty and support for autocratic leadership.Self and Identity,12(6), pp.635-649.

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Statistics Case Study 1 Essay Example For Students

Statistics Case Study 1 Essay Statistics Case Study-1 AgeWeeks Employed 5521 3018 2311 5236 4119 2512 427 4525 256 4021 2513 2511 5934 4927 3318 3520 a. AgeWeeks Employed Mean37.75Mean18.6875 Standard Error2.974195Standard Error2. We will write a custom essay on Statistics Case Study 1 specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now 188452 Median37.5Median18.5 Mode25Mode21 Standard Deviation11.89678Standard Deviation8.753809 Sample Variance141.5333Sample Variance76. 62917 Kurtosis-1.17143Kurtosis-0.21626 Skewness0.337402Skewness0.522601 Range36Range30 Minimum23Minimum6 Maximum59Maximum36 Sum604Sum299 Count16Count16 Confidence Level(99.0%)8. 764138Confidence Level(99.0%)6.44877 b. 99% confidence interval estimate for mean age of newly hired employees; 37.75 V 8.76 = 28. 99 to 37.75 + 8.76 = 46.51 c. Hypothesis: Decision Rule: Reject Ho if t t-critical Do not reject Ho if t t-critical t-critical = t0.01,15 =2. 602 0.771 2.602 Therefore, at a 99% Confidence Level the Null Hypothesis can not be rejected and we can not state that Riversides mean duration of employment weeks is any greater than the mean duration of employment weeks within the rest of California. d. Is there a relationship between the age of a newly employed individual and the number of weeks of employment? By using a scatter plot and plotting the number of weeks employed in respect to the ages of the workers, you can see that the points are distributed along a straight line. The number of weeks employed increase positively as the age of the worker increases. Therefore it is safe to say that there is a positive correlation between the ages of newly employed workers and the number of weeks they are employed. Textbook Exercise 7.6, The Trash Bag Case Text Problem 7.6: n =40 mean =50.575 std dev. =1. 6438 a. 95% =0.509408783m =50.06559122 m =51.08440878 99% =0.669478969m =49. 90552103 m =51.24447897 b.Yes, we can be 95% confident that the trash bags are at least 50 pounds in strength because the lower confidence level is slightly more than 50 at 50.06 pounds. c.No, we can not be 99% confident that the trash bags are at least 50 pounds in strength because the lower confidence level is slightly less than 40 at 49. 9 pounds. d.Even though I can not say for sure with 99% confidence that the trash bags have a 50 pound strength, the lower confidence level is very close at 49.9 pounds. Since no other trash bag on the market has a breaking strength of 50 pounds, I think that I can say in good confidence that this bag is the strongest bag on the market. Textbook Problem 8. 76: a. ,do not reject, the manufacturers claim is true , reject the null, the manufacturers claim is false b. Sample size is 30 so therefore we can use z-statistics. (316/400 V 0.95)/0.95*(1-0. 95)/4001/2 = -14.683 So, if given a significant level (N), if z-stat -ZN, then reject null hypothesis and accept alternative hypothesis. a-ZNAction on null hypothesis 0.10-1.282Reject 0.05-1. 645Reject 0.01-2.326Reject 0.001-3.090Reject From the above information it can be concluded that the manufacturers claim is false. c. Not really because the manufacturer claims that their television sets last at least 5 years without needing repairs but the sample collected was from consumers that owned their sets for 5 years and not beyond. In order for the results of the survey to have practical importance we would need to sample consumers that have owned their sets for 5 or more years. Palmer vs. Woods: Woods,1999 Palmer,1960 mean =69.56mean =69.95 N=84N=112 std dev. =2.5std dev. =2.5 .